Забележана е една случка за неколку христијани кои патувале кон исток. Патем слушнале дека во едно село живее некој мудар и побожен човек, па решиле да го посетат. Кога го нашле, виделе дека стариот мудрец живеел во една сиромашна колиба, а во неа: маса, столче, стар шпорет и неколку ситници. Посетителите биле малку изненадени па еден од нив прашал: – "And where is your furniture?“ – „А каде е вашиот?“ – одговорил стариот мудрец. – „ Како каде, or, се разбира, дома! Секако нема да го влечкам со себе. Јас сум само на пропатување.“ – „И јас сум само на пропатување.“ – им објаснил стариот Божји човек.

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Jesus on this day, BEFORE THE FIRST EASTER – Thursday

Day of deep emotions for Jesus. Farewell dinner with their students, celonokjna prayer in Getsemanija, betrayal of their, and maliciously set a hearing before Sinedrionot… arrest, trial set…
Interestingly, Jesus celebrated the Passover with his disciples, not with his family. You know why: they were family. When a person has emotional difficulties, the best place for him among brothers sisters in faith is. I regret that many do not practice it.
I regret that the vast majority of Christians today are canceled classes of common prayer and the benefits of family fellowship in the church. Sure, You are the biggest losers, who shunned these gatherings and prayers. Do not share their spiritual needs with family, so you do not have support with prayers for your animals needs. Waste, surely. And not all the same before God. Understood, losers and we are coming into a modest number, because sometimes we feel like orphans or homeless people who have no family. Have to whom do I tell plight. You change anything in this field?


P E D A (between Palm Sunday and Easter)

The Jesus still remain less than three days earthly human life. How would you spent, If I knew that you were the last three days in the life of this world?
It seems that you took Jesus 'time-out'. To focus on his departure from this life and world. That, thought his funeral (Ev. Marco 14:1-9). Verojatno did resume his earthly life.
Wise if you do occasionally and we think the ending of his earthly life. What we achieved, I spent the time and health, resources and Talent…? It could help us to perform adjustments in their priorities and to devote more attention to the eternal values, at the expense of terrestrial, are short.

(3) From Palm Sunday until Easter – Eight days that changed the perception of life, death, resurrection, Forgiveness, Hope…

The wallpaper is given authority, the power of Jesus Christ to criticize the work of the temple and to judge the unfruitful. "By what authority do you do it?"- Asking the corrupt priests and Pharisees. They thought that only "Holy Synod" of Judejcitis able to "hirotonisuva" bishops and preachers of God's truths. Jesus was not "ordained" them, or, demek, lacked legitimacy. But Jesus had a stronger argument: He spoke the truth, He was obedient to God's commandments. Ensue his right to preach and criticize.
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