Christmas Worship


Dear brothers and sisters, Please note that Christmas worship service is organized with several sister churches in Skopje and will be held on 07.01.2017 year (Saturday) starting at 11:00 in the building in Taftalidze. The location of the building you can see HERE. Regular scheduled for Worship 08.01.2017 year (Sunday) from 18:00 PM will not hold. Welcome!

Joint viewing of the film “Ben Hur”

This Wednesday, 31.08.2016 year, It organized a joint vision of the new edition of the film "Ben Hur" in cinema Cineplexx in City Mall. If you are interested together to watch the screening of this film, aggregate in place 19:00 the cinema in City Mall. Welcome! Remark: Bible hour will be held.

PREMIERE – Macedonian documentary "cross"


Premiere of Macedonian documentary "cross". This Good Friday, 19 chasot, CBC Good News. Free luxury copy of the New Testament with leather binding for everyone present. WELCOME! Admission is free. For more accurate location click HERE.

Welcome today to Biblical preaching from 18h.

Come By day and by 18 but. HBC in the good news of the Bible lesson!On the occasion of the month of Reformation, October, by the end of this month for all newcomers BESPATEN copy of the book of Jan Amos Komenski.LAVIRINTOT the world and paradise for SRCETOPovekje find it HERE.


OPEN Christian KONFERENCIJA12-15 AVGUSTh. МОЛИКА - PELISTERPrijavuvanje just a few days. Слободни се уште 30 места по намалена цена од 2000 денари за 3 полни пансиона. Ќе има и групен превоз, за кој дополнително ќе бидете известени. Програма: - утринско проучување на книгата Послание до Римјаните - пастор Самуил Грозданов - слободно време за дружење, игри, прошетки во природа - вечерни теми ПО ИЗБОР: Финасиско менаџирање за христијани, Улогата на жените во црквата, Тинејџерска група и друго - обезбедена грижа за деца! СИТЕ СТЕ ДОБРЕДОЈДЕНИ. APPLY as soon as possible before COMPLETED NUMBER! Login via: - email - HERE - tel. - 075 59 11 77 и 070 25 46 47 SHARE THIS WITH YOUR FRIENDS!   Read more